Mechanical Plating & Galvanizing

The mechanical plating process is a process in which fine metal powders are cold welded to metal components without electricity and without heat.

The mechanical plating process takes place in a tumbling barrel filled with tumbling media (e.g. glass beads) which causes the metal powder to be mechanically welded onto the component surface. Once the plating reaches the desired thickness the parts are then dried and post-plating finishes are applied if required.

CIP can process parts up to 26” in length and up to 8” in diameter as well as process a maximum of 800 lbs at a time.

Specializing in Mechanical Zinc Plating and Galvanizing

metal galvanized parts

Uniformity of thickness depends on part size and shape with typically thinner deposits on edges and thicker deposits in recesses. Any metal that can be made into a fine powder can be mechanically plated, however CIP specializes in zinc, tin, and aluminum. Mechanical plating takes place at room temperature and does not induce hydrogen embrittlement of which hardened steels are highly susceptible.

Additional Post-Plating & Metal Finishing Services

CIP offers two post-plating services: trivalent and hexavalent chromate finishes and sealant finishes. Along with those post-plating services, we offer chromate finishes in clear trivalent, yellow, black, and olive drab chromates.

Mechanical Galvanizing and Plating Specifications & Thicknesses

CIP is certified to work with coating for zinc deposited mechanically onto iron and steel basis metals. We also work with both Type I (as coated, without supplementary treatment) and Type II (with chromate conversion treatment) B695 specifications for special processing needs.

ASTM B695 ClassificationMinimum Thickness, µm
Class 5 5 µm = .0002 in
Class 8 8 µm = .0003 in
Class 12 12 µm = .0005 in
Class 40 40 µm = .0015 in
Class 50 50 µm = .002 in
Class 55 53 µm = .0021 in
Class 65 66 µm = .0026 in
Class 70 69 µm = .0027 in
Class 80 81 µm = .0032 in
Class 110 107 µm = .0042 in

Other Mechanical Plating & Galvanazing Specifications

  • AASHTO – AASHTO M298-97
  • ASTM – ASTM B695-00
  • ISO – ISO 12683
  • Chrysler Corporation – PS-1536
  • Ford – ESF-M1P37-A
  • General Motors – GM4344M & GM4345M
  • John Deere – JDM F22
  • United States of America – MIL-C-81562B
  • RoHS Compliance

Additional Plating Materials

In addition to zinc CIP offers the following plating materials:

  • Tin
  • Tin-Zinc
  • Tin-Zinc-Aluminum