CNC Turning Services

What is CNC Turning?
CNC turning is a manufacturing process in which components or bars of materials are held in a chuck and rotated while a cutting tool removes material from the piece to create the desired shape. The cutting tool is controlled by a computer, which allows for accurate and repeatable processes.


Bolster production of turned components while keeping costs affordable with the experts at Custom Industrial Processing.

We offer complete CNC turning processes from our state-of-the-art Pennsylvania facility, which is geared to produce high volume orders quickly and with the utmost quality.

Our experienced and versatile machinists are well equipped to tackle even the most complex precision turned metal components. Years of CNC machining experience and high-end equipment, including CNC Lathes, combine to make producing high volumes of intricate parts possible. Typically, our staff can meet +/-0.0005” tolerances, but each order is dependent on material type and size.

Custom Industrial Processing strives to develop long-term relationships with customers. Our top priority is to provide each customer with the highest levels of value and service. Experienced quality staff ensure products manufactured at Custom Industrial Processing meet or exceed customer requirements through all stages of production, including first article, in process and final delivery. All details required by the customer are meticulously examined and documented for the highest possible quality assurance.

High Precision CNC Turning Lathes Capabilities:

  • Can meet +/-0.0005” tolerances typically, but each order is dependent on material type and size
  • Work envelope of Ø14” diameter x 20”
  • Automated machining of bar stock up to Ø2.5" and blanks up to Ø6" x 4.7"
  • Robotic cell and gantry loading automation

High Precision CNC Turning Equipment:

  • (1) DMG Mori NLX2000SY
    • 8" Main Spindle, 6" Counter Spindle
    • Live Tooling
    • Ganty Loader
    • Bar Feeder
  • (1) DMG Mori NRX2000 Parallel Dual-Spindle
    • Gantry Loader
  • (4) DMG Mori DuraTurn 2030
    • Operated by FANUC robot
  • (2) DMG Mori DuraTurn 2050
    • Operated by FANUC robot
  • (3) DMG Mori CL2000
    • Gantry Loader

CNC Turning Equipment Images

Main Spindle and Sub Spindle


Automated Gantry Loader


 Automated LNS Bar Feeder

To learn more about our precision CNC turning services, feel free to contact us or request a quote, today!