High Volume CNC Machining

multi axis cnc machining

Get your metal products faster while keeping costs down with the high-volume CNC machining experts at Custom Industrial Processing.

We offer CNC machining services from our state-of-the-art Pennsylvania facility, which enables our team to produce large quantities of components on tight deadlines without impacting quality.

Custom Industrial Processing offers a wide array of CNC machining capabilities, which allows our team to easily create toolpaths with greater dependability and repeatability than manual machining processes. High volume & large CNC machining helps lower production costs and increase efficiency while catering to virtually any job or project.

Production CNC Machining

Customers can rest easy knowing our entire team has a quality-first mindset. Experienced quality staff ensure products manufactured at Custom Industrial Processing meet or exceed customer requirements through all stages of production, including first article, in process and final delivery. All details required by the customer are meticulously examined and documented for the highest possible quality assurance.

Your high-volume CNC production manufacturing source:
-Our St. Marys, Pennsylvania, facility houses state-of-the-art equipment
-We specialize in CNC machining
-CNC lathes accommodate large production volumes with speed, precision and accuracy
-Equipment is highly productive and flexible, which enables manufacturing of a wide range of parts

You can trust Custom Industrial Processing for High-Volume & Large CNC Machining:
-All personnel are quality-minded
-ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system
-Our trained quality staff inspects and verifies products meet or exceed customer requirements
-We check and meticulously document all details